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Riziki Source is a social enterprise enabling access to job opportunities for persons with disabilities in Kenya. We facilitate workplace diversity, disability inclusion and linkage to over six Million people with disabilities in Kenya who have particular skill sets, currently untapped for recruitment, as a value proposition for companies, organizations and society.

We are experts in workplace inclusion of persons with disabilities and embrace a two-sided, individual-focused approach for our clients and partners.

Riziki Source offers disability mainstreaming training for companies and organizations while supporting them throughout the process of employing a person with a disability on any disability-related support needs

We provide job-relevant skills training for applicants on our platform to meet the needs of companies and organizations.

As a social enterprise, Riziki Source is bridging the gap between the job market in Kenya and an overlooked educated and skilled part of the workforce.

With our approach, we help both public and private companies and government institutions meet the implementation of the 5% regulation that requires them to reserve job opportunities for persons with disabilities:

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Fredrick Ouko

Fredrick Ouko

Dickson Morande

Dickson Morande

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