Are you looking for skilled and qualified applicants for open positions in your company?

Are you thinking of employing persons with disabilities to drive disability inclusion and
increase diversity in your company while fulfilling the 5% Disability Act 2003 regulation?

Did one of your employees acquire a disability, while working in your company and you have
no idea how to deal with the situation or help him/her?

Are you struggling with how to come up with a workplace disability inclusion policy or
making other employees understand disability issues to interact with a colleague or clients?







About Us

Riziki Source is a social enterprise enabling access to job opportunities for persons with disabilities in Kenya.

We facilitate workplace diversity, disability inclusion, and linkage to over
six Million people with disabilities in Kenya who have particular skill sets, currently untapped for recruitment, as a value proposition for companies, organizations, and society.

  • Workplace Inclusion

    Integration of persons with disabilities into workplaces, by training employers and companies on how to accommodate persons with disabilities.

  • Riziki Hub

    Training and online work environment for persons with disabilities

  • Training

    Training sessions in ICT, Business and Soft Skills equipping clients with skills that make them competent.